For machine type THICK TURRET - Station D

Slitting perforations without undesired nibbling marks are now possible with the new slitting tool -  ps:®clean-cut - developped by PASS Stanztechnik AG. This solution is not only possible on Trumpf machines, but also now on Thick-Turret punching tool systems.

Undesired nibbling marks occur with standard conventional slitting tools. For producing long slitting lines these nibbling marks can be prevented by making a continuous shear slitting in a series of hits. In the first action of the tool the punched material will remain attached. During the process of cutting long slitting lines a shear style cutting action is used, which will result that the punched material will be punched free at the side but remains as a sheared part on the sheet. The punched material is bent down with the ps:clean-cut and will be transferred into a second section of the die where a separate shear cuts the material into a small slug. The sheared slugs will be transferred directly through the die. Only at the last hit of the slitting line the cutting tool will immerge deeper and cuts the remaining material completely from the sheet at the desired position.

ps:®clean-cut for slitting perforations without any witness-marks

  • new punching technology:
    Shavings will be guided within the die and will be separated into pieces with second slitting unit
  • max. operating safety by simple programming
  • max. use of material as punching next to sheet edge (up to 2 mm) possible
  • continuous slitting without witness marks (no back-hit necessary)
  • increasing of productivity as no manual deburring is necessary
  • useable for:
    Aluminium up to s = 2,0 mm
    Steel up to s = 1,5 mm
    Stainless Steel up to s = 1,2 mm


Awarded with MM Award for the most innovated product in category "Tools"

The ps:®clean-cut system can be used on all Thick Turret tools systems, regardless of the machines manufacturer. It works without additional software, does not need any clearing procedures of the control system and will be easily programmed as a conventional punching tool. The only difference is the setting of the punching depth at the last cut of the slitting line. There are no safety concerns if a mistake arises in the programming regarding the punching depth which will result in a nibbling mark.

The result of ps:®clean-cut can be assured in its operational safety due to simple programming. The tool works progressively forward without time-wasting back-hits to complete the process. The slitting is possible up to 2 mm near the sheet edge.

ps:®clean-cut can be used for Aluminium sheets up to 2 mm, Steel up to 1,5 mm and Stainless Steel up to 1,2 mm. The cuts on all Thick Turret punching machines can be compared with laser quality, without the oxide layer, typically associated with laser cutting.

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