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Assembly Instructions P2, P4, P5, P6, P7, P9, P10

Each tooling system is equipped with special design styles. Sometimes it can be difficult to disassemble and reassemble these special tooling designs. Therefore we have compiled a list of assembly instructions regarding tool positions P2 - P10 for the PASS tools of tooling system SALVAGNINI.


Assembly Instruction P7 - System SALVAGNINI

  • Lightly grease the inside of the guide and place the punch insert from the top into the punch guide. Insure punch insert seats solidly on the base.
  • Attach the snap-ring with the help of circlip pliers into the deep lying slot.
  • Place pressure disc followed by blue pressure spring Ø 25 x 25 and finally the head into the guide. Insure the punch head is at position 0° or 90°.
  • Insert the assembly pin laterally through the guide into the punch shoulder. This is important to avoid damaging the cutting part edge of the punch when tightening the screw.
  • Lock the screw M8 with approx. 30 Nm with the aid of a bench vice. Remove the assembly pin.

Assembly Instruction P9 - System Salvagnini

  • Place the pressure disc, than the blue pressure spring Ø 25 x 25 and finally the punch head from the top over the punch shank and tighten the barrel head screw M6 with approx. 15 Nm with the aid of a bench vice.
  • Place this assembly into the lightly greased punch guide and place the special snap-ring over the head.
  • Clamp with the aid of the assembly adapter the tool axially into the bench vice and compress to a total length of approx. 100 mm.
  • Push the snap-ring with a screw driver into the designated slot of the punch guide.

Here you have the possibility to download the complete Assembly Instructions of P2 - P10 for tooling system SALVAGNINI.

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