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Space-saving with cost-efficient production

Using Drop-In Multitools on THICK TURRET machines is a great solution in order to equip machines with additional tools in an effective way.

The focus is set on equipping a standard station without any effort which additionally has the advantage to use all installed inserts which rotates under free angles.

These multitools enable the machine operator to use standard tool inserts from our product line ps:®beta-V2® for station A and B in order to equip the machine in a more flexible way.

PASS offers 2 tool varieties for this application: ps:®MTP8RiA(PIN)-12,7 (8-station) and ps:®MTP3RiB(PIN)-31,75 (3-station).

Of course, PASS maintained the attention of this design in regards to length adjustment which is appreciated by all customers.


                                                                ps:®MTP3RiB(PIN)-31,75       ps:®MTP8RiA(PIN)-12,7


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