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Test machines ensure higher operational reliability for customers

PASS Stanztechnik AG is known for high innovation power and specialization in the field of special tools.

With these special tool developments, the topics "reduction of set-up times" and "increase of operational safety" play a central role for our customers. In order to be able to guarantee this, several test machines are available for testing these special tools in our in-house test center, which are used exclusively for testing purposes:

Test machines for System THICK TURRET:

  • Prima Power Punch Genius 1225 with I-Ram technology (all functions activated)
  • Boschert CU-Profi Tapping (all functions activated)

Test machines for System TRUMPF:

  • TruPunch 5000 (all functions activated)
  • Boschert Compact (all functions activated)

Test machines for System Salvagnini:

  • Salvagnini special machine for all common stations incl. up-forming cylinder

As soon as a customer submits his requirements for a specific forming, embossing or punching operation, the development and manufacturing process at PASS begins. The development of the special tool is based on customer specifications and is finally agreed with the customer. Each individual component of the tool then passes through the manufacturing process and is recovered in the assembly department where all individual parts are assembled. Once the special tool has been produced, it is not enough for us that this tool "only" passes the final inspection with a measuring and optical check.

In order to ensure that the sheet can be produced correctly, we go one step further by testing the tool on one of our test machines before its delivery. The machine control data used by us for testing are also provided to the customer together with the tool delivery. This leads to a significantly higher operational reliability on the customer's machine since the correct data for programming the tool are known.

Testergebnisse vom Testzentrum

Due to the sample sheet and the control data provided for tool programming and the test run, the customer's programming effort and set-up time are significantly reduced. PASS ensures the highest operational safety on the customer's machines, because of this test procedure on one of these test machines. The sample sheet shows the machine operator the target result and thus ensures the functionality of the tool.

On request, we can also provide our customers with the construction data for programming, so that the safety for the programmer can be additionally guaranteed here as well.


Testzentrum der PASS Stanztechnik AG

Prima Power Genius 1225


TruPunch 5000

Prima Power Punch Genius   TruPunch 5000

Boschert Compact


Boschert CU Profi Tapping

Boschert Compact   Boschert CU Profi Tapping



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