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Shape and size independent tool for flexible on-site knock-outs

Wheel tools and cutting tools – both tools are necessary for sheet metal processing!

However, reconciling the two types of tools sheds a new light on the approach, the use and the speed concerning on-site knock-out tools in different diameters.

ps:®wheel-knock-out now offers the opportunity to easily and comfortably produce different diameters of knock-outs with ONE tool. No need to buy different tools and very important: Only ONE tool station is required on the machine!

This doesn't only save costs but also tool changing times.

You are also no longer bound by the design. Now, waveforms, rectangles with radii in the corners can easily be programmed,
in fact any shape which can be produced with wheel tools (min. radius r = 75,00 mm).

Detailed view: connection


An on-site knock-out is created by a relief in the wheel of the upper part of the tool.
It is also possible to insert several reliefs in the wheel. Accordingly, the distance between the single connections chances.



Further advantages:

If you have the lower part as a spring-loaded version, there is the opportunity to work variably on machines and tool stations. This means that no active die is necessary to use ps:®wheel-knock-out on the machine.

The tool is programmed in the same way as a normal wheel tool and therefore can be controlled with the same parameters. One tool can be used per sheet thickness, regardless of the material.


  • cost saving, as only one tool is needed per sheet thickness
  • flexible diameters with only one tool (from d = 150,0 mm)
  • individual design (min. radius r = 75,0 mm)
  • several connections possible - depending on the desired number of reliefs
  • fast time savings, as no tool change is necessary 
  • optional spring loaded lower part - no active die necessary
  • easy programming - as a wheel tool



A video example shows the production with ps:®wheel-knock-out!

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