Newsletter February 2019


Threads can be found in different areas when products are connected together.

In order to gain advanced automated thread forming on a TruPunch/TruMatic machine, the tool technology was scrutinized and completed with further effective developments.
The user-friendly technology is based on a further development of the already existing thread forming tool of the tooling system TRUMPF and is now available at PASS: our

ps:®single-thread A magnet in the upper part of the leading spindle ensures a fast and secure fastening of the tap insert without the need for an additional tool.

ps:®single-thread-TPThe module is fixed flush by actuating the locking slide. Here also, no additional tools are required to enable a quick tool change.

A decisive focus was placed on the material of the leading screw: instead of "brass", "hardened steel" is now used in order to achieve a longer tool life and thus higher operational saftey.

 Overview advantages:

- max. operating saftey by hardened leading screw
- easy handling for assembling and disassembling of tapping modules by slide-part system
- best user friendliness by using a holding magnet for the tap inserts
- increased life-time due to use of H-PM® tapping inserts

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