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PU-coated stripper

One of the most important goals within the metal working world: AVOID SCRATCHES on the sheet - and it doesn‘t matter which tooling system is used.

The machine technology already provides various options to minimise the „scratch-problem“ in regards to the „active die“ or the „brushes on the machine table“.

The machine user has also several possibilities with tools to counteract to scratches from bottom, e.g. polishing the die, adapter rings (for dies) with brush inserts or using PASS Soft Pads.

There is the solution on the tool side to avoid scratches from above:

PU-coated stripper

  • The PU-coated strippers are extremely restistant to abrasion and consist of an additional high load
  • The reinforced base body provides security and stability.
  • Scratches will be extremely minimised due to the high abrasion restistance of the PU-coating and the
    constant elastic behavior in a wide range of temperature



You should use the PASS PU-coated stripper if the working sheet requires a low-scratch material handling throughout
your punching operation.

PASS stocks a wide variety of „semi-finished parts“ for tooling system TRUMPF. Therefore this allows us a fast delivery regarding the PU-coated strippers.

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