Newsletter July 2021

Efficient saving of setup and tool change times with ps:®MT5-TP and ps:®MT10-TP

There are several ways to save time and money. One of the fastest and most effective options is definitely to use a multitool for the TRUMPF tooling system, the ps:®MT5-TP or the ps:®MT10-TP.

These two tools allow you to work with 5 or 10 different punching contours and/or embossing inserts in ONE tool.
With a ps:®MT5-TP an outer circle of 16 mm can be realised, with a ps:®MT10-TP a maximum outer circle of 10.5 mm can be achieved.

ps:®MT5-TP and ps:®MT10-TP

Of course, special contours up to the maximum outer circle in the inserts are not a problem. For example, numbers or letters can also embossed as a V- line.

By editing sheet metal with a variety of small punching operations and large lot sizes the advantages of time savings in setup and tool change times become immediately apparent on the machine.

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