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For clean slitting cuts - even in radius

Wheel tools and cutting tools – both tools are necessary within the sheet metal processing life!

Getting these two types of tools under one roof, however, means a completely new approach to the viewpoint of a conventional tool.

Slitting cuts are common in daily working life. Of course, the finished part has to be somehow cut out of the sheet metal. Many different versions of the separation are possible here.

The ps:®wheel-cut-sl combines fast working with nibble-free cuts which was designed especially for machines without emboss station.

The sheet metal slides between the wheel in the upper part and the Ampco-wheel in the lower part.
The upper part presses the stripper downwards during operation. The cutting wheels in the upper and lower part can now perform a clean cut. The Ampco-wheel in the lower part ensures that the sheet metal runs smoothly over the die and thus prevents scratching of the sheet metal underside.  

The lower part is constructed in a spring-loaded design. This has the advantage that the cutting wheel is protected on machines without a forming station. There are no scratches on the bottom side of the sheet metal due to a protruding wheel.

In addition to straight cuts, the oblique shaft also gives the possibility to make cuts with a radius of 100 mm (can opener principle).




The shafts in the tool are provided with a lubricant coating.
The cutting wheels are made of high-end powder metallurgical steel (X3-PM). The selection of X3-PM enables highest compressive strength, extremely high wear resistance and edge stability.

Sheet materials:

This tool can be designed for aluminium and steel from 0,8 - 1,5 mm and stainless steel from 0,8 - 1,2 mm. For thinner materials, only pulling cuts are allowed to make.

Segmented wheels:

Of course, this tool is also equipped with our patented, segmented wheels. Due to each wheel operating individually each wheel maintains the best rotation speed and contact with the sheet without interfering with the other wheel. The result of this design is much less friction which in turn greatly reduces sheet warpage. Segmented wheels are Standard at PASS!


  • fast and effective slitting cuts with wheel tools
  • slitting curs in radius of 100 mm are also possible
  • low-scratch material handling due to spring-loaded design in the lower part
  • clean slitting cut without chip formation and marks
  • long-lasting lifetime of the cutting wheels due to X3-PM design
  • for tool system TRUMPF and THICK TURRET


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