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The PASS wheel tools ps:®wheel are available for a different range of applications, e.g. offset-, deburring-, reinforcing- or beading-tools, especially for large sheets.  

The special feature of wheel beading tools consists of the patented and segmented wheels whereby the tool can simply produce reinforced beads with a small radius. The wheels thereby work as a differential: The internal component rotates slower, the external turns faster than the center. Thus, the resulting thrust as well as chatter marks cease to appear. Furthermore, the segmented wheels contribute to a minimized sheet warpage through its operation.  

But occasionally it may be that a bigger sheet warpage occurs when producing a large number of beads in a row or beads of an enormous size.

In order to counteract this, PASS Stanztechnik AG has now developped a new solution: 


The new straighten tool ps:®wheel-straighten for improving the mentioned sheet warpage is applied in combination with a wheel-tool:
In the first step, the sheet is processed with a beading tool, in the second step ps:®wheel-straighten comes into action through which the occurred sheet warpage is counteracted through the integrated Ampco-wheels. In practice this means that the sequence of beading and straighten alternates to reach the improved result on the sheet.


sheet metal working with a  wheel beading tool
Typical: sheet warpage upwards
Sheet metal working with a
wheel beading- and a straighten tool Improved flatness
Sheet metal working with a
 wheel beading- and a straighten tool sheet warpage downwards
UT-OFFSET = -0,2

ps:®wheel-straighten will be adapted to customer needs as well as products and is available for the tooling systems TRUMPF and THICK TURRET. 

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