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Low scratch working

Every day, the operator of a punching machine is faced with the challenge of working scratch-free for his end product - no matter which punching machine he works with.

Some time ago, we integrated PU-coated stripper for tooling system TRUMPF into our portfolio. These strippers have become an important part of daily working life for many of our customers. Due to the high demand for this application, we have also significantly increased our stock of standard stripper with PU-coating so that just-in-time delivery can take place.

The success of this innovation was accompanied by the customer‘s wish to produce such strippers for Multitools as well:



  • The PU-coated strippers are extremely restistant to abrasion and consist of an additional high load capacity.

  • The reinforced base body provides security and stability.
  • Scratches will be extremely minimised due to the high abrasion restistance of the PU-coating.

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