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Fast and easy alignment

The ps:®passfit can be described as „flexible in handling“, „simple and secure in operation“, „developed for operators“. This system was developed to enable a fast and easy alignment without the need for a alignment fixture. The ps:®passfit has the excellent advantage regarding its high operational security, robustness and simplicity!

There is no need to use or buy the comparatively expensive alignment fixture as both the standard and special shapes can be produced with the ps:®passfit. This system offers an enormous time-saving operation avoiding costly mistakes in the alignment process. Using a costly alignment fixture is eliminated. With only ONE single turn the punch can be aligned to the exact index.

All special tools from PASS, e.g. embossing tools (louver, beads, bridges, lances etc.) are normally manufactured and delivered with our ps:®passfit. Contrary to other aftermarket systems with interchangeable punch/cutting inserts our system uses „standard punches“ and „standard adjusting rings“ which are modified. Thus enables and guarantees the well-known reliability which is known throughout the world for the tooling system TRUMPF.

Due to the pin-keyway-system within the punch and adjusting ring the ps:®passfit always guarantees a positive alignment of intricate special shapes, also tight clearance tools. In addition, care was taken to maintain radial clamping on the adjusting ring, as axial/centric clamping would cause the punch to twist. The ps:®passfit ensures that there will be no movement (twisting) when tightening the clamping screw. Therefore tight clearance tools in thin sheets are possible.
Our punch does not need a clamping screw which could weaken the cross sectional area of the punch shaft (the clamping shaft remains solid). Therefore punching of sheet thicknesses of 12 mm - also in stainless steel - is also possible.
Predominantely a pin-keyway-system with larger pin surface area is used for punching shapes over 30 mm in order to prevent the twisting of the location pin when punching near the edges of sheet (keeping the punch in alignment).
Please find below the comparision chart and the advantages of the ps:®passfit to the system with changeable punch inserts:


characteristic ps:®passfit system with changeable punch inserts

useage/sheet thickness

up to s = 12 mm up to s = 2-3 mm
stability perfect as made in ONE solid piece risk of breakage
adjustment optimal, as stronger square pin of 8 mm with larger pin surface is used round pin with adjusting (only punctual surface)
change of punch approx. 20 sec. approx. 90 sec.
costs inexpensive as no alignment fixture is necessary 3 different, expensive punching devices are necessary
regrind length 6,5 mm for machine group I 6,5 mm for machine group I
(9,5 mm when adjusting shims are used)


The ps:®passfit guarantees all the best of operation for the maintenance or machine operator:
  • extremely fast and easy adjustment of the tools
  • prevents expensive tool misalignments
  • high operational security of the machine
  • extremely high tool stability (sheets up to 12 mm – also stainless steel - can be punched)
  • no expensive base bodies are necessary
  • compatible to standard TRUMPF tooling system

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