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Multifunctional tool with marking functions

The multifunctional tool ps:®marking-all-in-one combines the most common marking functions for THICK TURRET punching machines in one tool.

As the name already suggests, the PASS - multifunctional tool ps:®marking-all-in-one contains all components of the marking functions for sheet metals: center punching, engraving, signing and marking (with permanent marker).

This means enormous cost and time savings due to the extremely short conversion times for changing to a new function and is made possible by the simple handling of the head screw (plug&pull function).

ps:®marking-all-in-one is suitable for all sheet materials and a sheet thickness from 0,8 mm.
Furthermore, the 4+in1-tool contains two dies for the corresponding functions: A flat die for signing and center punching as well as a ball roller die for engraving and marking.
You don´t have to make a decision in advance either for the sheet to be processed: ps:®marking-all-in-one is equipped with four different springs as standard in order to apply it to any sheet material.

For the main task of ps:®marking-all-in-one – the marking of the sheet metal – an additional function was developed into the multifunctional tool: you can integrate the supplied foil tearing needle into the basic adapter. So you are able to tear foils!

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 basic adapter
  • 2 dies
  • 1 center punch needle + 1 signing pin made of H-PM®
  • 1 engraving needle with diamond point
  • 1 marking pen
  • 1 foil tearing needle
  • different springs for different sheet materials

You receive the ps:®marking-all-in-one in a specially designed and manufactured sample case including a operation manual.


With ps:®marking-all-in-one you acquire a multifunctional tool with which you can quickly and easily use four or five functions (4x marking functions + 1x tearing foils) for your THICK TURRET machine without costly conversions.

If you have any questions about the new multifunctional tool, please contact your contact person at PASS.

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