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6-station thread forming with one single tool

Forming threads is a time consuming process!

The ps:®multi-thread® - developed and produced by PASS Stanztechnik - can be used as a 6-station multitool which can be integrated in one rotable Di-Station of a PRIMA POWER punching machine.
Economy effect: only using one tool station versus 5 tool stations in the machine!

The ps:®multi-thread® is made with 6 positions. These positions can be equipped with tap inserts with measurements from M2 (and UNC #2-56) to M10 (and UNC 3/8“-16). The changing of the used tap insert is extremely simple and completes the perfection of the ps:®multi-thread®.
Economy effect: Tool changing time!

The changing time of two thread sizes is only 1 second.
The most economy effect can be seen in the time-saving production of threads. A planetary gear wheel in the tool enables a high turning speed at the thread former and thus enables a productivity up to 30 threads per minute. The transmission ratio is i = 1:5.  
Economy effect: Production time!

The stress for the index drive motor can be decreased through the gear transmission ratio.
Economy effect: Wear & Tear!

The ps:®multi-thread® can be used for sheet thicknesses up to 8 mm (depends on thread size). Thread forms will be covered without additional changing efforts. The automatic select function of the single position in the tool allows the use of the ps:®multi-thread® within a fully automatic production process.
Economy effect: Process of changeover!

The automatical lubcrication of all guide elements in the tool and the lubrication of the tap inserts during the forming process are additional special characteristics of the ps:®multi-thread®.

Overview of customers‘ advantages:
• different sizes of tap insert possible: up to M10 and UNC3/8“-16
• fast and easy changing of tap insert
simultaneous use of metric and inch system
fast production of threads (approx. 2 sec./thread)
• ƒup to sheet thickness of 8 mm (also stainless steel) useable
• with oil channel for lubrication
automatic selection of the single tap inserts
• also useable for extrusions up- and downwards

Efficiency, cost-savings, optimizing of set-up time and speed are the characteristics of this patented tool.  
An absolutely MUST HAVE for efficient production of threads.

Please look in our homepage to the movie showing the production of threads!

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