More space for innovative punching tools

“All others speak about laser, we rise with long-living punching tools and individually designed special solutions” – that is what Mr. Michael Bauer (CEO PASS), says on the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony on 5th May 2017.
Apart from the management of the company and the staff, also the district administrator from Bayreuth Mr. Hermann Hübner, the member of the government Mrs. Silke Launert and also the mayor of Creussen Martin Dannhäusser took part at the ceremony.

With that extension PASS STANZTECHNIK AG increases its production place for further 1000m2 to totally 3700m2, doubles the room in the office sector to around 700m2 and clears space for the also obvious grown staff in the new lunch restaurant.

The investment for that all is around 5 million of Euro.

PASS STANZTECHNIK AG made one’s mark by manufacturing innovative tooling for CNC punching machines. Standard tools and user-specific constructions for Thick-Turret-, Salvagnini- and Trumpf-Systems are the company’s high-lights. The latest shown innovations are a 8-station multitool and the awarded thread-forming tool ps:multi-thread®. And they were successful: since the last three years, the business volume increased 25% up to estimated 15 million Euros in 2017. Together with the turn over, also the staff grew. “Regarding the last year, we employed about 2 dozens of fellow workers more until around 140 today, therefrom 18 apprentices”, explains Mr. Bauer optimistically. “In the medium terms we intend to achieve a business volume of around 22 Million Euros. For that, further 5 Million Euros of investment are designated for machine equipment and automation. “That investment will enable us getting faster and to supplying our clients with individual tooling within a very short time.”

From the first quarter, the new hall will give room for the production of established and new products. One actual innovation is already in the starting blocks. “It is about cutting punches with fast-changing system for large tooling in transfer and blanking presses”, explains Mr. Florian Keller, (technical COO PASS). “The prototype was well accepted and since some weeks, the first serial tool, works trouble-free in the fabrication of a well-known tool manufacturer.”

Actually these tools are produced on the high-technology machines at current PASS building. And the development of this tool shows what makes the difference of PASS. “View forward and find solutions. By thinking in that way PASS assembled and encouraged the confindence of clients, staff and suppliers.”

Spatenstich bei PASS Stanztechnik AG

Inaugurate ground-breaking ceremony for extension building of PASS (from left side):

Architect Bernd Detsch, mayor Martin Dannhäusser, Bernhard Moser (structural engineer), Michael Bauer (CEO PASS), Florian Keller (COO PASS), member of the government Silke Launert, district administrator Hermann Hübner, Helmut Reh(from company Dechant), Georg Sünkel (District Office Bayreuth), Alexander Brochier (Supervisory Board PASS), Peter Dechant (from company Dechant)


Author: Volker Albrecht

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