PASS interview: trainee Maximilian

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special PASS trainee: Maximilian. The 24-year-old is our first trainee as an industrial electrician and we're looking forward to finding out more about him and his exciting job. Enjoy reading!

Max, what are your (current) tasks?
At the moment I am working in production with my trainer Josef. Tasks that come up are then divided between the two of us. Mostly, I do the upcoming equipment inspections for operational safety. This is the case for machines and for new devices. New acquisitions must first be recorded in the system and then a VDE test must be carried out. Afterwards, the measurement data are recorded and a test seal is affixed if the test is passed. Apart from that, I'm still going through an induction phase to get to know the daily routine of an industrial electrician better and to learn a few things for vocational school.

Can you describe your daily work routine for us?
That is the good thing of my training, there is no routine. In theory, Josef and I always draw up a work plan for the next week. Most of the time, however, troubleshooting occurs spontaneously and is then of course on priority A in order to keep the machine failure as low as possible. Then we continue according to our plan. Some inspection work can now be seen as "everyday work".

Do you have any hobbies where your training helps you?
My training helps me at home, for example, with defective devices when I go troubleshooting with the positive pole. Otherwise, my training has less to do with my hobbies, as I prefer to ride my racing bike and mountain bike.

What has been your biggest project at PASS Stanztechnik AG so far?
The biggest project so far was the installation and commissioning of the "electric filling station" together with my trainer. But some of these projects will also follow in the future. For example, the complete lighting system in the production area is due to be renewed this year.

How does vocational school work for you in the current situation?
Unfortunately only online due to the current Corona situation. But I hope that this will change again soon. Our teachers are doing their best to impart specialist knowledge to us in this special situation, but logically practical knowledge is almost completely left behind.

Why did you choose to train as an industrial electrician and how did you come to work for PASS?
I have to elaborate on this question: After finishing school, I decided to study materials science and engineering. However, since this is very theoretical and I lacked practical relevance, I decided to find the perfect job for me through internships. I found out about PASS Stanztechnik AG at the training fair and immediately made an appointment for an internship. I was able to get to know the profession of a technical product designer and the PASS training workshop. By chance, I spent a few more days with Josef. Due to the daily changing tasks and my basic technical knowledge from university, I knew immediately that this is what I enjoy doing!

What is it like for you to be the only industrial electrician in the apprenticeship? Do you see a disadvantage in that?
Rather the opposite is the case, precisely because I am the only trainee in the field of electrical engineering, my trainer Josef can respond to me much better. This helps a lot when I have problems, for example! In conclusion, I can only say that the training is a lot of fun and Josef is a very good trainer who involves his trainees everywhere and explains all kinds of topics to them very clearly.

We would like to thank Maximilian for the interesting interview.

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