Women in male professions?!

Of course also at PASS Stanztechnik AG.

We employ three girls in typical male professions now who are currently doing training at PASS or have already completed it.

Girls'Day makes it possible to get a taste of the "man's world" for a day and to get to know new professions that you may not have had in mind before. 

This gives you the opportunity to look behind the scenes of technical professions and discover something new for yourself!

Today, two of our trainees will answer some of your questions about the topic of "women in male professions" and Girls'Day in general.

We would like to introduce Amy - trainee as an industrial mechanic (1st  year of apprenticeship) and Lucia - trainee as a technical product designer (1st   year of apprenticeship):

The most important question first: Amy and Lucia, how is it as a young woman in a typically male profession?

Amy und Lucia:  At the beginning, you have to find your way, but this is the case after a short time After that, it is an exciting undertaking as you have quite few female competitors in vocational school as well. But the big advantage here is:  There are no arguments and you learn a lot really quickly.

Next question:  When and why did you decide to start a technical apprenticeship?

Amy: I noticed that very early, I always enjoyed technology at school and was very good at it.  That's why the profession of an industrial mechanic is perfect for me.

Lucia: It was similar for me, I have always been interested in computers and I also discussed it at school.  I am also very creative and love drawing. I think I have found exactly the right combination of all my interests with the training as a technical product designer.

What advice would you both give to young girls who are about to choose a career?

Amy und Lucia: Try out a lot of different things!  It's always important to do internships in professional fields that you can't really imagine for your future. It is also significant to use events like Girls'Day to gain first insights into the different fields of professional activity.

Did your hobbies influence the decision to pursue a technical apprenticeship?

Amy: I think so. I love building all kinds of things in the workshop with my stepdad. At the moment we are building a wood stove together. In a way, this also influenced my decision to pursue a technical training.

Lucia: Of course. As briefly mentioned before, I am very creative and love to draw. That is why I chose this training.

Amy, you spent the Girls'Day with us. Why did you apply for a job at PASS Stanztechnik AG after this?

The day was a lot of fun and although it was only a few hours, I was able to gain a lot of insights into the various vocational fields of training at PASS Stanztechnik AG.  Each training offered was presented and the process of the training was explained in detail. The people were also very nice and you immediately had the feeling of being part of a big family. As a result, I immediately applied for an apprenticeship at PASS.

Lucia, you are already the second woman in the engineering department. Did this make your decision easier for the apprenticeship or is that why you chose it?

No, this had nothing to do with it. I would have chosen it too, if I had been the first woman in the engineering department. This wasn‘t a decisive reason for me.  I have very nice male colleagues here and, of course, a very nice female colleague who is always there to help and advise me when I need any kind of support.

Are you given preferential treatment at work or at vocational school compared to your male colleagues?

Amy and Lucia: No, all trainees are treated equally. There are no advantages in the job or in vocational school just because you are a girl. Of course, there are subject areas in which some are better and some are worse. Here, however, everyone gets the support and help they need, regardless of gender, to understand everything and be able to implement it.

One last question is for the rest of your departments, your male colleagues:  What are your reactions to both girls?

In agreement: Positive throughout, they do the same work as we do, too! Furthermore, there is another big advantage to have girls in the department: They see things with different eyes and show us different ways and solutions than the ones we already know.

We hope that this interview has inspired you with enthusiasm for technical professions and that we may be able to welcome you to an internship or to Girls'Day (hopefully next year again as a live event) at PASS Stanztechnik AG in Creussen!

Of course, we also offer other apprenticeships, which you can view on our website: https://www.pass-ag.com/ausbildung.html

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