As you certainly know from your experience, when you need a tool for that last minute punching job, you find your tool is dull. When there’s no time waiting for a new tool, you will need to sharpen the one you have just to complete your production job.
Therefore we developed the fastest and most effective grinding machine designed especially for punches and dies for you in order to avoid such long lead-times.

The motor of our „ps:®speed-grinder“ works with 3,3 kW which is the most powerful grinding machine on the market. This is only one of the advantages of our „ps:speed-grinder“ in comparison with other competitive products.

You will find below all necessary information about our PASS grinding machine „ps:®speed-grinder“.

  • Technical Data
  • Feautures
  • Field of application
  • Characteristic
Motor   3,3 kW
Spindle speed   2850 min-1
Power Connection   4 kW
Grinding wheel    
CBN   Ø 200 mm
Rotary table    
Diameter   Ø 280 mm
Speed   30 min-1
Inclination   0 - 5°
Grinding height
(beginning from table)
  250 mm
Fine adjustment    
Range   250 mm
Min. step   5 µm
Weight   430 kg
Required space   600 x 600 mm

Our ps:®speed-grinder is equipped with

  • Touchdisplay
  • automatic door opening and closing
  • programmable grinding cycles (roughing-/finishing-/spark-out cycle)
  • automatic fine adjustment
  • laser workpiece height control or mechanical device
  • rotary table
  • LED-grinding area light
  • closed grinding area made of stainless steel
  • coolant filtration
  • coolant spray nozzle

The ps:®speed-grinder was specifically designed to sharpen tools (punches and dies) used in all common punching machines.
The height of the workpiece is measured by a laser or alternatively through a mechanical device.

The angle of the rotary table is capable of infinite adjustability from 0 – 5 degrees, thus it is easily to obtain the different grind angles of the work piece.
Clamping units for different tooling systems are available.

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