For defined knock-outs directly on bendings

In daily life, installers and electricians are confronted with the challenge to position cables in the correct position of an electrical case. Therefore, knock-outs punched into the sheets are designed to make it easier for the installer to remove on-site knock-outs that best fit their needs.

Disadvantages of this process:

  • knock-outs next to the bending area are not possible to make as the standard knock-out tools would deform them
  • the connections caused by production show a very high sharp-edged burr when breaking out the slug. This can damage the cables to be pulled through
  • the remove of the slug can only be made in ONE direction

With the new PASS technology of cold forming and flattening the slug is no longer held with tabs but with a defined ring bridge. At the flattening operation the slug is sheared off and pressed back into the cold formed area.

The advantage of this operation can be seen in the defined knock-outs next to the formed area. The knock-outs can be removed from either side as only the “cold-forming area” has to be observed. Furthermore no sharp-edged connections appear after the remove of the slug.

Suitable for all common sheet thicknesses and sheet materials as well as surfaces.

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