Problems with pulling slugs

There are special, technical possibilities to avoid pulling slugs, e.g. on machines without vacuum or punching with the vacuum offline.

1. Punch with rubber ejector pin

2. Rooftop shear or inverted rooftop shear

3. Dies with slug-stop / slug-snap

a) slug-stop (without additional costs)
PASS dies are produced in standard version with a clearance angle. In case of problems with pulling slugs dies can be produced in a slug-stop version (for contours from 1,25 mm and cutting clearance from 0,1 mm). This means that the upper part of the cutting part is produced with a negative angle. The slug will be held with the complete circumference in the die.


b) slug-snap (with additional costs)
Alternatively, we offer our slug-snap version. In this case special holding bolts are included in the die, clamping the slug positively (better than the slug-stop version).

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