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Test machines ensure higher operational reliability for customers

PASS Stanztechnik AG is known for high innovation power and specialization in the field of special tools.

With these special tool developments, the topics "reduction of set-up times" and "increase of operational safety" play a central role for our customers. In order to be able to guarantee this, several test machines are available for testing these special tools in our in-house test center, which are used exclusively for testing purposes.

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What fits together?

Punching tools for the THICK TURRET range are infinitely flexible. Embossings, punchings or special challenges in sheet metal can be accomplished by means of various functions as well as contours.

Different manufacturers offer different constructions for standard tools. But what fits together?

PASS made it fit and created an overview!

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Flexible offsets with ONE universal tool

Offsets in a sheet metal are common in daily sheet metal working. These can be found in case construction, switch cabinets or elevators, in the automotive industry, in heating construction and other areas.

Also continuous offsets can be realised with an offset tool. However, it is sometimes necessary to create the offset height in a different way. ps:®flex-endless-offset offers the space and the opportunity to produce also flexible offsets.

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Visible panels are not only used in architecture, in the interior and exterior of private and public buildings; even in the car tuning sector these panels are designed so specifi cally that many possible applications are possible.
With sheets as expanded metal, textured sheets or other optical sheets, garden chairs, garden tables, storage systems and many design products are manufactured.

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For producing braille

This forming tool is a spring-loaded tool with an exchangeable punch insert and an upper part with special relief for the production of standardised braille on metal sheets...

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