PASS Information - ps:®ball-deburr


Wheel tools are always evolving and it is always an interesting and effective subject.

An updated, modified version of a wheel tool is our ball deburring tool ps:®ball-deburr.

Deburring of material is a normal operation in the fabricating work day. The ps:®ball-deburr meets the claim of a fast and effective operation in order to save time and money.

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PASS Information - ps:®multi-thread®

6-station thread forming with one single tool

Forming threads is a time consuming process!

The ps:®multi-thread® - developed and produced by PASS Stanztechnik - can be used as a 6-station multitool which can be integrated in one rotable Di-Station of a PRIMA POWER punching machine.

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PASS Information - ps:®low-scratch-stripper

PU-coated stripper

One of the most important goals within the metal working world: AVOID SCRATCHES on the sheet - and it doesn‘t matter which tooling system is used.

The machine technology already provides various options to minimise the „scratch-problem“ in regards to the „active die“ or the „brushes on the machine table“.

The machine user has also several possibilities with tools to counteract to scratches from bottom.

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PASS Information - ps:®wheel

Current topics about wheel tools

Wheel tools - an always consistent topic within the sheet metal working world. No matter whether it's about beads, offsets or notches. With wheel tools, there are almost no limits and production times are significantly reduced.

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PASS Information - ps:®basic

Guide unit with multiple application possibilities

The standardised guide unit of the ps:®basic offers the convenience and versatility of a cost saving system that uses standard inserts. The ps:®basic is designed for the THICK TURRET tool system, used for forming tools from station B-D...

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