Newsletter June 2017


All machine operators and programmers know the problem:
Producing long parts (e.g. 1700 mm) with a small width (e.g. 250 mm). In this case 3 parts can be produced nested on a sheet plate with fence production.

Now the big question is: how is it possible to remove the parts manually from the machine without any burrs and without always interrupting the machine production time.

The solution is called: ps:®macro-joint

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Newsletter April 2017

Increase your efficiency!

Hinge connections are an important and interesting concept.

Typically hinges are produced on a punching machine with 2 tools:
The first tool produces the embossing (min. 2 hits). Afterwards the „rounding“ of the hinge is carried out with the second tool.

The innovation at PASS Stanztechnik AG improves now the efficiency for producing hinges: the ps:®2in1-hinge.

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Newsletter February 2017

Design your sheet!

Today we would like to present you our new inquiry and order forms, which make it possible to obtain the precise requirements you have on your tools.

These forms will help you and also us, to determine the characteristics of the sheet and also the best applicable tool. You can download these files in our downloadcenter.

Please take this advantage and use these forms for your inquiries or, of course, your orders.

For this reason, the basic data has to be filled in, e.g. material, sheet thickness, machine etc.

Tool data to determine e.g. height or degree of a beading, find the right way to design the best solution of your tool.

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Newsletter January 2017



Health! Fortune! Success! Happiness! Energy!

We know: we can’t fulfill all your wishes.

BUT: We are the best and also the perfect solution if it depends on punching tools. Our technical know-how, our fair prices, our excellent service and problem solving in standard and special tools will be supported efficiently and economically.

Are you curious who work “behind the scenes”, the contacts at PASS?

Our team welcomes you in the New Year 2017!

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Newsletter November 2016


The engraving process of material is always a consistent and interesting topic:
No matter if one design in an anodized sheet, one logo or only a simple identification mark has to be made. Typically and in common processes engravings are produced in the “down-form” operation.

But sometimes it is very important and necessary that engravings are required to be made by the “form-up” method. In this case, the sheet must be turned with an additional time consuming handling of the sheet in order to be able to produce the required engraving.

The new ps:®engraving-up provides the possibility to process this engraving upwards (bottom of the sheet). 

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