Newsletter October 2021

Blechexpo 2021

We are rapidly approaching this year's Blechexpo in Stuttgart.

From 26 to 29 October 2021 you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the PASS precision and quality tools at our booth. The exhibition will focus on a variety of patented technologies and special tools for the TRUMPF, THICK TURRET and SALVAGNINI tooling systems. As usual, you will also learn interesting facts about tool life time, coatings, multitools and much more.

Let us inspire you with the variety of punching possibilities.

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Newsletter July 2021

Efficient saving of setup and tool change times with ps:®MT5-TP and ps:®MT10-TP

There are several ways to save time and money. One of the fastest and most effective options is definitely to use a multitool for the TRUMPF tooling system, the ps:®MT5-TP or the ps:®MT10-TP.

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Newsletter January 2021 - ps:®tab-variety

Production of connecting tabs

Producing tabs is omnipresent in the sheet metal industry. Tabs are basically used for connecting two components.

In order to join sheets together, e.g. secure overlapping connections can be used.

There are almost no limits to the variety of tabs.

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Newsletter December 2020 - ps:®wheel-knock-out

Shape and size independent tool for flexible on-site knock-outs

Wheel tools and cutting tools – both tools are necessary for sheet metal processing!

However, reconciling the two types of tools sheds a new light on the approach, the use and the speed concerning on-site knock-out tools in different diameters.

ps:®wheel-knock-out now offers the opportunity to easily and comfortably produce different diameters of knock-outs with ONE tool. No need to buy different tools and very important: Only ONE tool station is required on the machine!

This doesn´t only save costs but also tool changing times.

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Newsletter November 2020 - ps:®hook

For the production of (double) bends in the smallest space.

Conventionally, simple, long bends are produced on a bending machine. But when smaller bends or double bends in the smallest space are required, the daily production sometimes reaches its limits or is going to be inefficient and difficult or even impossible.
Basically, simple short bends can be produced on a punching machine with embossing-bending tools (for example our ps:®pivot for exact 90° bends). Our ps:®hook is perfect for U-shaped bends that require special programming.

How does it work?

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