Newsletter February 2014


The standardised guide unit of the ps:®basic offers the convenience and versatility of a cost saving system that uses standard inserts.
The ps:®basic is designed for the THICK TURRET tool system, used for forming tools from station B-D. The ps:®basic is specifically designed for...

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Newsletter October 2011


The ps:®passfit can be described as „flexible in handling“, „simple and secure in operation“, „developed for operators“. This system was developed in order to enable a fast and easy alignment without the need for a alignment fixture.

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Newsletter July 2011

PASS Knock-Out Technology

In the daily life, installers and electricians are confronted with the challenge to position cables in the correct position of an electrical case. Therefore Knock-Outs punched into the sheets are designed to make it easier for the installer to remove on-site Knock-Outs that best fit their needs.

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Newsletter April 2011

Advantages of ps:®wheel tools with segmented wheels on straight lines

The ps:®wheel (Beading or Off-Set Tool) is useable in a large variety of sheet types & thicknesses. The ps:®wheel is the industry leader when working with the smallest radius possible. Due to our unique “differential” design, each wheel operates...

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Newsletter February 2011

New in our product range for tooling system THICK TURRET: ps:®alpha

ps:®alpha is the name of the new tool in the PASS product range. This tool is available for station A and B and is designed for sheet lubrication.

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