Newsletter February 2016


Some times ago we sent you technical information about our wheel tools. Do you remember: our new wheel tools for tooling system THICK TURRET or the advantages of segmented wheels on straight lines.

Wheel tools are actual and will always be an interesting and effective subject.

Our ball deburring tool ps:®wheel-deburr is an updated, modified version of a wheel tool.

Deburring of material is a normal operation in the fabricating work day. The ps:®wheel-deburr meets the claim of a fast and effective operation in order to save time and money.

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Newsletter September 2015

6-station thread forming with one single tool

Forming threads is a time consuming process!
In the past, of course, it was possible to use thread forming tools on the machines. However, this was only possible by using a single tool in the revolver or as an extern solution by using complete thread units being aware that there are a lot of restrictions towards covering the sheet areas and towards the speed.

The new ps:®multi-thread® - developed and produced by PASS Stanztechnik AG - can be used as a 6-station multitool who is integrated in a one rotable Di-station of a PRIMA POWER punching machine.

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Newsletter July 2015

One of the most important goals within the metal working world: AVOID SCRATCHES on the sheet - and it doesn‘t matter which tooling system is used.

The machine technology already provides various options to minimise the „scratch-problem“ in regards to the „active die“ or the „brushes on the machine table“.

The machine user has also several possibilities with tools to counteract to scratches from bottom.

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Newsletter April 2015

Feel the power of ps:®speed-grinder

As you certainly know from your experience, when you need a tool for that last minute punching job, you find your tool is dull. When there’s no time waiting for a new tool, you will need to sharpen the one you have just to complete your production job.

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Newsletter February 2015

Current topics about „Rolling Tools“

Rolling Tools - an always consistent topic within the sheet metalworking world. There is almost no limit with rolling tools: no matter, if it depends beads, off-set or notches. Production times are also reduced when working with rolling tools.

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