PASS Information - ps:®passfit

Fast and easy alignment

The ps:®passfit can be described as „flexible in handling“, „simple and secure in operation“, „developed for operators“.

This system was developed to enable a fast and easy alignment without the need for a alignment fixture.

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PASS Information - ps:®knock-out

PASS knock-out technology

In the daily life, installers and electricians are confronted with the challenge to position cables in the correct position of an electrical case. Therefore knock-outs punched into the sheets are designed to make it easier for the installer to remove on-site knock-outs that best fit their needs.

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PASS Information - ps:®wheel

Advantages of ps:®wheel tools with segmented wheels on straight lines

The ps:®wheel (beading or offset tool) is useable in a large variety of sheet materials and thicknesses. Due to our unique “differential” design, each wheel operates individually from each other (Patent-no.: EP 1 688 195/ US 7343767).

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PASS Information - tool cassettes

PASS cassettes for tooling system SALVAGNINI

PASS Stanztechnik AG increased the range of products for the tooling system SALVAGNINI. Now you will find all versions of PASS tooling cassettes to type "SALVAGNINI S4".

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PASS Information - coatings

Coating versions to reduce material build-up

H-PM® tools are produced with steel made on powder-metallurgical base with a high degree of purity to fullfil the highest
punching demands.

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