Newsletter July 2011

PASS Knock-Out Technology

In the daily life, installers and electricians are confronted with the challenge to position cables in the correct position of an electrical case. Therefore Knock-Outs punched into the sheets are designed to make it easier for the installer to remove on-site Knock-Outs that best fit their needs.

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Newsletter April 2011

Advantages of ps:®wheel tools with segmented wheels on straight lines

The ps:®wheel (Beading or Off-Set Tool) is useable in a large variety of sheet types & thicknesses. The ps:®wheel is the industry leader when working with the smallest radius possible. Due to our unique “differential” design, each wheel operates...

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Newsletter February 2011

New in our product range for tooling system THICK TURRET: ps:®alpha

"ps:®alpha" is the name of the new tool in the PASS product range. This tool is available for station A and B and is designed for sheet lubrication.

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Newsletter January 2011

New in our product range: Tapping Tool and Multitool (5 and 10 Station)

Continuous enlargement of the product range is very important. We have expanded our program with the PASS Tapping Tool and PASS Multitool (5- and 10-Station) for tooling system TRUMPF.

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Newsletter December 2010

Innovations shown at the EuroBLECH 2010 are based on the day-to-day business of our customers. PASS Stanztechnik AG wanted to exhibit tools and punching operations to explore, move or adjust limits. Some of our tools shown at the EuroBLECH 2010 move to the limit starting with our development...

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