Newsletter November 2019


When forming sheet metal, oil in the right place is an important requirement for best forming results and a component for a long tool lifetime. Until now, oil lubrication from the bottom of the tool on CNC-controlled machines was not possible which is why lubrication is usually completely dispensed with. As a result, poor tool lifetime has to be accepted as well as poor formings are achieved often. In order to meet the quality requirements, PASS Stanztechnik AG has developed a solution:


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Newsletter October 2019


A new multifunctional tool was added to the portfolio of PASS Stanztechnik AG:
This tool combines the most common marking functions for THICK TURRET punching machines.

As the name already suggests, the PASS multifunctional tool ps:®marking-all-in-one contains all components of the marking functions for sheet metals: center punching, engraving, signing and marking (with permanent marker). This means enormous cost and time savings due to the extremely short conversion times for changing to a new function and is made possible by the simple handling of the head screw (plug&pull function).

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Newsletter September 2019

Blechexpo 2019

We are rapidly approaching this year's Blechexpo in Stuttgart.

From 5 - 8 November 2019 you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the PASS precision and quality tools at our booth. The exhibition will focus on a variety of patented technologies and special tools for the TRUMPF, THICK TURRET and SALVAGNINI tooling systems. As usual, you will also learn interesting facts about tool life time, coatings, multitools and much more.

Let us inspire you with the variety of punching possibilities.

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Newsletter March 2019


The PASS wheel tools ps:®wheel are available for a different range of applications, e.g. offset-, deburring-, reinforcing- or beading-tools, especially for large sheets.
But occasionally it may be that a bigger sheet warpage occurs when producing a large number of beads in a row or beads of an enormous size.
In order to counteract this, PASS Stanztechnik AG has now developped a new solution:   

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Newsletter February 2019


Threads can be found in different areas when products are connected together.
In order to gain advanced automated thread forming on a TruPunch/TruMatic machine, the tool technology was scrutinized and completed with further effective developments.
The user-friendly technology is based on a further development of the already existing thread forming tool of the tooling system TRUMPF and is now available at PASS: our ps:®single-thread-TP

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